Tuesday, August 18, 2015

People Looking Up To Me

Ever Cents I Start To Workout People Have Slow Start Telling Me They Look Up To Me..I Was Not Doing It For That reason When I Start This But I Am Glad Now That They Are..I Got To Start Pushing My Self More So I Do Not let Them Down...

here A Chat I Had With A Girl Yesterday

Good afternoon, Danny I hope that you having a fabulous day. I was talking to my Coach Nikki Johnson this morning and she helped to realize that you are doing some pretty great things with your groups and inspiring people to get healthy. I invited you to a webinar tonight about what being a Beachbody Coach is about. It would be amazing if you could join us tonight and then share your thoughts.
i am not sure that is really some thing i want to get into right now..hope you understand..plus already told my kids i would take them to play basketball after school..you can post your url to me and i will post it on my 3 work out pages and maybe that will get you some more people to it..sorry again
No worries, You are doing a great job of leading by example and encouraging people. We just wanted to share the Beachbody business opportunity with you. Just to help you in your own fitness journey, keep inspiring others and make an income. I understand that it might not be the right time. If you ever decided you have questions about what we do or if you would like to watch a webinar just let me know. Keep doing what your are doing!! smile emoticon
thank you maybe one day that will be for me but not right now thanks smile emoticon
I Love That People Are Seeing That I Am Trying To Make Things better For Others..But I Am Not Doing It To Make Money Just Yet Anyways 

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