Friday, April 18, 2014

Lepreclaus Is The New Holiday On July 25

Starting A New Holiday This Year It Will Be Called Lepreclaus Day It Will Be On July 25th Every Year From Now On..Lets Start Are Own Holiday How Fun Will That Be...You Get People Gifts Like Christmas And You Get Drunk Like St Patrick's Day.. Put Your Christmas Tree Up And Hang Your Red Neck Flag Out The Night Before..Party All Night And Give Your Tree A 2nd Go Every Year...Hang Your Christmas Stuff Out A Few Days Before Let Everyone Know Your Going To Have Lepreclaus Day On July 25th...
Lepreclaus Is A Trade Mark Of #dannythemanparker

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4-1-14 Trying To Get Down Donna Pants

Well after tomorrow Donna and I will not be married anymore.. She wrote me on Facebook and ask me if I would stay the night..i told her i had to work tell 7 am tomorrow., but would stay tell 3:15 am..,I than ask her why she wants me to stay..she said because she thought it would help me..I said I guess your a little horny and she said no

I than said what if I am horny and she said go find someone.. I said what if I want to have sex with u..she said she did not see that happening..I than told her maybe I should just stay home..

I know she is horny or she would not have ask me to stay at all..well I guess we will see what happens..because I need a pussy around my hard dick

8:54 am just got a message from her that said its the last night to FUCK

I sent her a message back asking her why

8:56.We Will Be Divorced after tonight!

I said so we can still fuck

8:57 nah

I said why

8:58 are u going to stay the night or not maybe we can have sex

I said maybe

She wants to play games I can to lol


well after work i went and got donna and kennan to come over..

well before we was going to go get the kids i ask her if she want to stay for dinner

we started a picture that donna was going to have a baby for april 1st it was funny some people figured it out but most people did not


 well we had dinner and every thing was great..

than i went over there to stay the night

i told donna i would give her another shot to be with me

so we start going out on april 1

well that night she gave me a great blow job

and than i slam her pussy with my hard dick