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Monday, August 31, 2015

Straight To Sex: Get Laid At Your Place

Straight To Sex: Get Laid At Your Place

"Cutting Edge Science Reveals Hidden TRUTH About Female Arousal (And How You Can Use This Secret Knowledge To Have More SEX!)"

What Readers Are Saying...

"This is an absolutely fantastic book. I've read a lot of books on psychology and different techniques in this area, and this one has to be the only one that really rings true as being from real experiences and real life situations. It is not a bunch of fake, made-up 'dating tips'--this is the real deal. If you ever experienced any difficulties in dating, where things didn't work out how you hoped, you need to get ahold of this ASAP!"--Alex P.
"The book also goes into how to avoid being used, which I’ve fallen into wayyyy too many times.  I’m always in the damn friend zone.  Yeah I’m funny and a good person, but shit I want some ass too!  I hadn't been laid in 6 months before I read this book...If you read this book and apply the lessons, you’re sure to get laid."--Justin at DRGS.org Product Reviews
"It is a good book. Down to Earth. There is no secret gimmick here. The solution is simple."--Torgeir H.
"Such a great, easy to follow book! I have been a student of this sort of material for over a decade now. When I first heard about it I was skeptical, because I thought I had read everything there is to know on the topic. While some of this book covers principles I already knew about, the author's ability to distill key concepts down to a logical, clear formula is outstanding. I have to admit, I recognized many areas for improvement within myself, even though I assumed I already knew everything. And there were good reminders on other aspects of my game that I had inadvertently let slip over the years. Whether you're a newbie to 'The Game' or an oldtimer like me, you're going to benefit tremendously from this book."--Joseph W. South
Here's exactly what you'll get when you order Straight To Sex today:

  • A back-at-home game plan to help you SEAL THE DEAL!
  • Have more fast, hot, EASY sex!
  • Avoid being USED for time, money or attention!
  • Learn to THINK the right way to get women to OPEN UP to you!
  • AVOID the dreaded "friendzone!"
  • Sweep her off her feet and become her fantasy lover today!

Straight To Sex: Get Laid At Your Place