Friday, August 14, 2015

8-14-15 Crystal Headricks

This girl played a roll in my life that is great and bad. I would say the most fun time of my life was with her. She was the 1st girl I ever had a crush on. 1st girl I ever loved. 1st girl I ever kissed. (We never went out but I remember feeling like we was) and she would never say it but I think she feeled the same way about me. She also the 1st girl to crush my heart.
I lost touch with her for along time. But found her on facebook. And sent her a message we will see what happens. I see it says she is single. I know I dont stand a chance in hell but we can all dream right.
First girl I would fight for
First girl I stayed the night with
First girl I ever did drugs with
I would do anything for her and she know it.

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