Friday, October 2, 2015

Girl Played Dead, Overheard Oregon Shooter’s CHILLING Last Words to Each Christian He Found…

Girl Played Dead, Overheard Oregon Shooter’s CHILLING Last Words to Each Christian He Found… 


Ten people were killed at Umpqua Community College when a 26-year-old entered the school and began shooting.
One student likely would have been number 11 if she hadn’t played dead during the incident. 

It was Anastasia Boylan’s fourth day of class at UCC in Roseburg, Oregon, when Chris Harper-Mercer entered her classroom and shot the professor dead. Boylan said the shooter then forced the students to stand up and declare their religion.
Boylan was among the ones who were then shot.
She heard the shooter say, “Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second.” 

The 18-year-old told her family that once she was shot, she played dead, hoping to survive the harrowing incident taking place around her.
Her father, Stacy Boylan, told CNN that Harper-Mercer was targeting Christians. He explained that after Harper-Mercer shot and killed the professor, he ordered his victims to stand if they were Christians.
“And then he shot and killed them.”
Fortunately, Boylan did survive the shooting rampage, though the bullet that struck Boylan lodged in her spine. Doctors operated Thursday on Boylan to remove it.
“We are waiting to see,” her mother, Deanna Boylan, told NBC News. “I will be better when she is out and we know more information.”
The shooter was eventually gunned down by Douglas County sheriff’s deputies, according to Sheriff John Hanlin. The sheriff said he didn’t want to “glorify” the man’s actions by calling him by name.
The liberal media has not, of course, been reporting this as a religious hate crime.
Imagine, instead, that this had been a white Christian targeting another religious group. If a white man walked into a school and systematically shot and killed anyone identifying as a Muslim, the media would immediately shout “Islamaphobia!” to anyone they could get to listen.
But I can almost guarantee that you won’t hear the phrase “Christianophobia” reported by the media in regards to this tragedy.
Do you believe the media would treat this story the same way if the shooter had been a Christian and his victims Muslims? Share this on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think!

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