Saturday, September 12, 2015

165 things to do instead of self-harm

165 things to do instead of self-harm
1.  Have some ice cream.
2.  Put on fake tattoos.
3.  Leave a nice message on someone’s ask box.
4. Scribble on sheets of paper.
5.  Write poetry.
6.  Cuddle with a stuffed toy.
7.  Be with other people.
8.  Watch your favorite TV show.
9.  Post on web boards or try answering other people’s posts.
10. Exercise (yoga is great bc besides working out you also meditate and get to know more of yourself)
11.  Paint your nails a new color.
12.  Go out to see a movie.
13.  Eating something you can’t resist.
14. Do your school work.
15.  Write a letter to someone but never send it.
16. Go into chat rooms to talk.
17.  Call a friend and ask them to come hang out.
18.  Play a musical instrument.
19.  Sing, really loud, make the neighbors hear you.
20.  Look up at the sky, find the moon and stars and look how pretty they are.
21.  Make your bucket list.
22.  Buy a punching  bag (with gloves).  Name it. Then, have a visit with Stu when you need to.
23.  Snap a rubber band  (hair band) on your wrist.
24.  Cover yourself with band-aids where you want to cut.
25.  Go to the zoo and rename the animals.
26.  Let yourself cry, even if it is hard, let it out.
27.  Sleep, only if you are tired.
28.  Do the exact opposite of what you really want to do.
29.  Play with a pet.
30.  Smile to at least 5 people, bonus points if they are strangers.
31.  Re-organize and label your linen closet.
32.  Go out and perform one act of kindness.
33. Have a pillow fight with a wall.
34.  Knit a scarf or 98743983 and start your scarf emporium.
35.  Read a good book.
36. Dress up very glamorous, with makeup to match.
37.  Color your hair.
38.  Listen to music (nontriggering)
39.  Watch how the wind makes the leaves of the trees move.
40.  Do volunteer work.
41.  Meditate. Track your breathing.
42.  Call up an old friend and catch up.
43.  Give your blog a makeover.
44.  Have a vivid fantasy love affair with a celebrity.
45.  Go somewhere very public.
46.  Bake cookies or another favorite food you like.
47.  Alphabetize your CD’s.
48.  Chew gum.
49.  Buy a henna tattoo kit.
50.  Paint or draw.
51. Rip paper into really small pieces.
52.  Give someone a Hug.
53.  Write a letter to a friend.
54.  Talk to yourself, and put it on tape.
55. Hug a pillow.
56.  Hyper-focus on something like a rock.
57.  Fingerpaint.
58.  Scream as loud as you want.
59.  Dance, nobody is watching you so have lots of fun.
60.  Make hot chocolate.
61.  Pop bubble wrap.
62.  Play with play dough.
63.  Count to 100.
64.  Build a pillow fort.
65.  Blow up a balloon and pop it.
66.  Hug yourself.
67.  Write yourself an “I love myself because” letter and keep it.  Read it when you feel down.
68.  Read things in a different language.
69.  Go for a nice long drive, walk, or jog.
70.  Complete something you have been putting off.
71.  Drink a cup of herbal tea.
72.  Fold paper and invent a new origami shape.
73.  Write your memoirs.
74.  Build something.
75.  Take up archery.
76.  Go rock climbing.
77.  Take up a new hobby you always dreamed of.
78.  Organize bills, receipts, etc.
79.  Cook a meal.
80.  Go out for ice cream.
81.  Buy a stuffed animal.
82.  Look at pretty things, like flowers or art work.
83.  Create something.
84.  Make a happy playlist.
85.  Throw socks against the wall.
86.  Make a list of good things in your life.
87.  Go to a friend’s house and open up.
88.  Take up fencing.
89.  Watch an old comedy movie (Clueless always make me feel better).
90.  Call your therapist or make an appointment with one.
91.  Talk to someone close to you that you trust.
92.  Take pictures of anything.
93.  Write a book.
94.  Donate all the clothes you don’t like anymore.
95.  Start a garden or water your house plants.
96.  Re-arrange a room.
97.  Feed the ducks, birds, or squirrels.
98.  Buy one of those giant sheets, lay in it and paint with watercolors using your hands, foots, nose and everything.
99. Play with face paint.
100.  Play jacks or pick up sticks.
101. Color with crayons.
102.  Memorize a song and sing it.  Then, reflect on it’s message.
103.  Put on boots and stomp.
104.  Stretch.
105.  Find a butterfly, catch it and then let it be free again.
106.  Watch fish.
107.  Think about the most funny awful names you’ve heard.
108.  Go to a public place and watch all the people made up their stories.
109.  Make a CD of your favorite songs and give it you a close friend.
110.  Name all of your stuffed animals.
111.  Buy a nice lipstick or an album you’ve been wanting to buy.
112.  Get into your PJ’s and just veg.
113.  Buy cheap teddy bears and take your anger out on them.
114.  Throw everything on the ground except glass.
115.  Go to a loud concert (Make sure it doesn’t trigger you).
116.  Think about your ideal life.  What do you have to do to get there?
117.  Plan your someday wedding day or upcoming prom.
118.  Hunt for stuff on Ebay.
119.  Alphabetize your books and magazines.
120.  Hunt for your perfect home in the paper or online.
121.  Take up Tai Chi.
122.  Try to make as many words as possible out of your full name.
123.  Count ceiling tiles or lights.
124.  Go to the grocery store and buy yourself some flowers.
125.  Search for ridiculous things on the web.
126.  Read random Wikipedia articles.
127.  Color co-ordinate your wardrobe.
128.  Do a home tan on yourself.
129.  Take a hot bath and “be” in the moment.
130.  Organize your nail polishes by color.
131.  Give yourself a pedicure.
132.  Color or scribble over pretty women in magazines.
133.  Plan a dinner party with menus and guest list, then carry it out.
134.  Think about your favorite childhood memory.
135.  Take a walk in the woods and breathe the fresh air.
136.  Start a mood journal and write in it every day. Track your triggers. Read your progress.
137.  Buy yourself some toys and play like you are 5 years old again!
138.  Start to collect something.
139.  Take up kick-boxing.
140.  Read a magazine or newspaper.
141.  Sew something.
142.  Buy a plant.
143.  Take your own dog, or a friend’s dog for a walk.
144. Paint a friends nail (or your mom’s, sister’s or even your brother’s).
145. Surprise your family with a delicious breakfast made by yourself (eggs and bacon will do the trick if you aren’t a great cooker, they will really appreciate the gesture).
146. Tell at least 3 people you love them (only if you really do).
147. Buy your pet a new toy.
148. Get a hair cut.
149. Help a classmate that’s struggling with something you’re good at.
150. Go to the movies and talk to the person sitting next to you, who knows, maybe you can get to be great friends.
151. Decorate your school books and pencils and everything else, seeing something pretty at school will improve your mood.
152. Plan your outfits for the week.
153. Go to a park and sit on the swings, be a little kid again.
154. Go to the beach and listen to the sound of the waves, feel the sand in your feet and watch the ocean.
155. Watch a sit-com (Friends always puts me in a great mood).156. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy (or The Hobbit, or the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series, or any movie franchise, really, even Scream if you fancy).
157. Ride a bicycle and feel the wind in your hair.
158. Go swimming and enjoy the peacefulness as you float. Take some friends and play water polo or something.
159. Climb a tree like when you were a kid.
160. Write down all the things you are good at.
161. Go to the quiet place
162.  Call 1-800-DONT CUT
163.  Call 1-800-THERAPIST
164.  Read through this list again.
165. Add something else

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